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Puzzle Bone & Horn Spiral Fake Gauges Earrings

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The striking black and white puzzle pattern on these bone and horn spiral fake gauge earrings is as unique as it is bold. Ivory water buffalo bone and black buffalo horn are hand carved and carefully fitted together to create these amazing earrings. The ingenious push backs locking mechanism on these earrings secures them firmly in your ears with a thin post on the back of each earring that fits into a tiny, self-locking hole on the front of the earring. These spirals measure 25mm long and 29mm high.

Measurement: (L) 25mm x (H) 29mm

Sold in pairs (2 pieces)

  • Push Backs locking mechanism. To secure the earring in your ear, the thin post at the back of the earring is inserted into a tiny, self-locking hole in the front of the earring. Each piece looks like you actually have stretched / gauged ears.
  • 316L surgical stainless steel ASTM F 138 push pin