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Carved Mandala Designed Wood Fake GAUGES PLUGS

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These intricately hand carved crocodile wood fake gauge plugs feature a mesmerizing mandala design. These earrings are designed to be worn in regular piercings, without any stretching. Each plug conceals a clever push backs locking mechanism that holds it in place with a thin post on the back of the earring that goes through the back of your ear and into a self locking hole in the front of the earring.

Sold in pairs (2 pieces)

  • Push Backs locking mechanism. To secure the earring in your ear, the thin post at the back of the earring is inserted into a tiny, self-locking hole in the front of the earring. Each piece looks like you actually have stretched / gauged ears.
  • 316L surgical stainless steel ASTM F 138 push pin