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Posted by Tom Patton on

Fake gauge earrings are a unique type of jewelry that gives people with pierced ears the option of wearing earrings that look just like gauge earrings without stretching their piercings. When you choose organic earrings instead of regular gauge earrings, you can still wear all of the regular earring styles that you love, in addition to these amazing designs that are hand carved from natural materials like wood, bone, and horn.

There are dozens of styles that will complement almost every style of clothing. From black horn plugs and spirals that look great with edgy attire to gorgeous, nature-inspired designs carved out of richly colored tropical woods that pair well with bohemian inspired looks.

Many styles of organic earrings are inspired by the carved wood, bone, and horn body jewelry that is worn by various tribes of indigenous people all over the world.

Tribal peoples have been using natural materials to make beautiful jewelry for many years, and some of our designs like pinchers, spirals, spikes, and plugs are inspired by the timeless style of tribal body adornments.

The materials that are used to make these beautiful earrings are carefully selected to have a minimal impact on the environment. The ivory colored bone and black horn that are used to make some styles of fake gauge earrings come from domesticated water buffalo. Water buffalo serve as work animals and provide milk and meat to people throughout Asia. Bone and horn that would otherwise go to waste are salvaged and skillfully hand carved into beautiful pieces of jewelry that can be enjoyed by people all over the world.

There are a variety of wood species that are used to make fake gauges. Each wood species has a distinctive grain pattern and coloring. For example, sono wood is a rich, deep brown color that looks amazing whether it is carved into a simple spiral or an intricate angel wing. Saba wood is a golden blonde wood that is absolutely stunning when it is carved and polished into botanically inspired designs, plugs, spirals, and other designs that show off its color.

Fake plugs are a wonderful choice for people who enjoy wearing different types of earing looks and who do not want to stretch their piercings to accommodate gauges. They are also great for people who prefer jewelry that is made from sustainable materials. Once you see the variety, you are likely to find that one or more of the styles would make a great addition to your earring collection.